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Alchemy Pool Service

Alchemy Pool Service

Alchemy Pool Service is an industry-leading swimming pool service company based in Sacramento, offering its reputed services to both commercial and residential clients. Known for their Certified Pool Operators, the company ensures that all its swimming pool technicians undergo rigorous training, earning the CPO certification before working on any project. A strong emphasis on punctuality and consistency can be seen in their set-route operations, ensuring their customers never have to wonder about their pool service schedule. They manage their operations through an interactive app that customer can also use to track all steps taken during a service, including chemical readings and real-time pictures of the cleaned pool.

In detail, Alchemy Pool Service offers a number of services to suit varying customer needs. Weekly Service is designed for those who prefer professional help with their pool care, freeing them from dealing with chemicals or water samples and letting them enjoy their time around the pool. Upgrades and Repairs, their another key service, caters to the needs of broken or malfunctioning equipment, including pumps, filters, and motors. One-Time Cleanups, as the name suggests, is for pools requiring a thorough clean, aiming to have your pool ready for a dip upon completion. Moreover, they also offer 3 levels of weekly pool service, Chemicals only, Chemicals PLUS+, and Full service, depending on how much assistance a customer requires.

Lastly, what sets Alchemy Pool Service apart is their proactive communication, dedicated customer support, and highly competitive pricing in the industry. In fact, they promise a professional pool technician's visit to your house in 24 hours or less! Their strong presence in the greater northern California Sacramento and Stockton areas, along with their commitment to ensure safety, chemical balance, and lasting pool equipment, makes them a trustworthy pool service company to work with. If you own a pool and want to focus on enjoying it as much as possible, Alchemy Pool Service may just be your ideal service provider.

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