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Aqua Clear Pool Care

Aqua Clear Pool Care

Aqua Clear Pool Care stands as a prolific and reputable company primarily engaged in providing pool maintenance and repair services. The company firmly advocates 'three main ingredients of a happy pool' - chemicals, cleaning, and maintenance. With duties ranging from balancing chemicals to ensuring proper water flow and equipment functionality, Aqua Clear Pool Care dedicates itself to deliver an unrivaled, safe, and healthy swimming experience to its customers.

Operating under the aegis of Sunniva , Aqua Clear Pool Care's fulsome service portfolio comprises weekly services, which encompass regular pool cleaning, equipment inspections, checking and balancing of chemical levels, along with additional offerings like repair consultations, service calls, filter cleans, and installations replacing pool equipment. Furthermore, it extends specialized services such as 'green to clean', pool inspections, and 'pool school'. Elegant in its communication, the company makes sure to keep the clients informed about the pool status through weekly chemical reports and prior approvals for any repair requisition. Noteworthy is their commitment to giving customers full value for their money, incorporating the basic chemicals in the monthly service price for ongoing clients.

Aqua Clear Pool Care's penchant for astoundingly high customer satisfaction underpins their professional ethos, becoming the linchpin of the brand's strong reputation. Their pledge to a 'safe, healthy swimming experience' is echoed by customer testimonials applauding the company's professionalism, impeccable service, and willingness to educate clients about pool equipment and maintenance. Their commitment extends beyond business with the promise that they 'worry about your pool, so you don’t have to', ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable pool ownership experience. With a promise of free consultations, swift responses, and service extensions across numerous Central Texas communities, Aqua Clear Pool Care presents itself as an ideal choice for maintaining a happy, sparkling pool without hassle.

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