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Aqua Clear Pool Services.

Aqua Clear Pool Services.

Aqua Clear Pool Services is a veteran-owned company located in Lakeside, California and Yuma, Arizona, specializing in swimming pool maintenance and repair services. The company prides itself in turning backyards into personal paradises, providing magnificent pools that families can enjoy all year round. Customers in need of pool cleaning or pool repair services can reach out to the company in CA using the number (858) 251-4151 and in AZ through the contact (928) 318-6640.

The company is knowledgeable, reliable, and dedicated, offering a broad spectrum of services including residential pool services, commercial pool services, pool maintenance programs, and new equipment installation and repairs. They are outstanding in keeping backyards in top condition, ensuring sublimity and joy in their customers' recreational moments. The certified technicians at Aqua Clear Pool Services are well-prepared to handle even the most complex repairs. If a customer's pool is leaking or the filter keeps clogging, they can rely on this dedicated team to restore the pool to like-new conditions rapidly. They also charge $75 for troubleshooting and if the issue needs repair, the troubleshooting fee is deducted from the total fees.

Choosing Aqua Clear Pool Services is a decision in favor of top-notch, customer-centered pool maintenance and repair services. The company continually puts customer satisfaction first, underpinned by the numerous positive testimonials and referrals. This dedication coupled with the expertise of its team of certified technicians is assurance that customers can rely on the company to transform their property into a captivating and relaxing space. Whether one needs to fix minor issues before they escalate to major problems, impress their customers with sparkling commercial swimming pools or simply keep their pool swim-ready all year round, Aqua Clear Pool Services offers the commendable solution.

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