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Clean Living Pool and Spa

Clean Living Pool and Spa

Clean Living Pool and Spa is a top-tier pool cleaning company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. With the confidence of offering superior services in comparison to its competitors, this dedicated company is renowned for creating lasting clienteles who never have to seek another 'pool guy'. Moreover, the firm also takes pride in being a Nevada Energy Approved Pool Calibrator. As a family-owned business, Clean Living Pool and Spa strives to deliver honesty, quality, and exceptional customer service in all its services, setting itself distinctively apart from the competition.

Established in 2012 by John and Julie Butler, Clean Living Pool and Spa brings a significant level of professionalism and customer service that is usually non-existent in typical pool cleaning services. With the founders' successful business backgrounds in managing and growing organizations like JP Morgan CHASE and AAA, this company has managed to clean more than 100,000 pools, garnering a loyal customer base of over 1,000 satisfied clients. The company primarily caters to clients both within and outside of Las Vegas who own rental or vacation properties in the valley. Apart from their main services including pool cleaning, maintenance and repairs, they also offer consultative services and expertise for customers, helping them understand more about their pool functionalities.

In summary, Clean Living Pool and Spa stands as the epitome of exceptional pool services due to its focus on customer satisfaction, quality and honesty. With a proven track record of excellent service delivery over the years, the company's superior value with competitive pricing and no contracts policy has made it a trusted choice for many. For individuals or companies in need of a dependable and professional pool service with a commitment to keeping properties presentable, Clean Living Pool and Spa is undoubtedly the ideal choice.

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