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Clean World Pools

Clean World Pools

Clean World Pools, established in 1978 is a specialist provider of swimming pool services based in Las Vegas, Nevada. As the name already implies, the company has made it its mission to help clients make owning their swimming pool a joy. In the demanding and harsh desert climate of Las Vegas, maintaining a pool requires not only expertise and dedication, but local knowledge. With over four decades of shining service and unwavering commitment under their belt, Clean World Pools has positioned itself as the go-to for pool maintenance and repair in the area.

The team at Clean World Pools is dedicated to providing quality service to each of their customers, with an array of customizable services. They offer a broad range of services, which include weekly pool maintenance, pool equipment repair or replacement, energy-efficient equipment recommendations, and invaluable pool advice. Their comprehensive service packages encompass skimming leaves and debris out of pools, brushing algae off pool walls, pool vacuuming, skimmer cleaning, pool circulation system checks, water filter maintenance, and water testing and chemical balancing. Moreover, the company also provides reliable and professional pool repair services, ensuring all of a pool’s moving parts are in top working condition with their eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions.

In summary, Clean World Pools distinguishes itself through its commitment to providing a stress-free pool-owning experience. Their long stand in the industry has equipped them with significant local knowledge and technical expertise which they employ to serve their customers better. The company prides itself on its reliable, friendly, and professional service, ensuring that customers are greeted with top service and a friendly smile from all technicians. If you are in Las Vegas and own a swimming pool, Clean World Pools should be your primary consideration for maintaining and enjoying a clean and well-functioning swimming pool. The team's goal is simple but important - to make owning your pool a joy.

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