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Crystal Clear Pools & Spa

Crystal Clear Pools & Spa

Crystal Clear Pools & Spas is a premier provider of swimming pool services in the Austin area. The company has recently joined forces with Swim Pure to cement its position as a leading specialist in pool maintenance and repair. From its inception, the team at Crystal Clear Pools & Spas upholds a commitment to going above and beyond in delivering quality on-site swimming pool services that encompass maintenance, renovations, and repairs. The company’s enduring mission is to make the experience of having a backyard pool or spa both enjoyable and hassle-free for homeowners.

The main forte of Crystal Clear Pools & Spas lies in their pool renovation services, giving a fresh outlook to backyards by upgrading outdated swimming pools, spas, fountains, and other water features. They offer a gamut of renovation services that include plaster and aggregate surface renovation, deck renovation, coping renovation, and pool tile renovation. To help their customers realize their dream backyard oasis, Crystal Clear Pools & Spas also provides resurfacing, skimmer replacement, tile and coping services, crack repair waterproofing, and concrete deck overlays. Alongside, they also offer leak detection and repair services, aimed at extending the lifespan of a pool.

Crystal Clear Pools & Spas is the clear choice for your swimming pool maintenance requirements for a multitude of reasons. Their merger with Swim Pure amplifies their offering in the pool maintenance and repair sector while allowing them to focus and excel in their niche - pool renovation services. The company's dedication to exceeding customers' expectations through their services is evident through glowing testimonials from happy clients. They understand the nuances of maintaining a pool or spa and provide tips alongside their services. Moreover, the company employs the best equipment in the industry, ensuring quality and reliable services. In essence, Crystal Clear Pools & Spas lays the groundwork for their customers to create and maintain their favourite living space - their very own backyard oasis.

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The 10510 Motheral Dr Ste 100, Austin, TX 78753, United States

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