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Crystal Pools

Crystal Pools

Crystal Pools is a top-tier firm specializing in pool construction, design, and maintenance based in South Carolina. As a renowned pool builder, Crystal Pools extends its breadth of services from Columbia to Charleston while delivering value through custom-built swimming pools. At the helm is Ali Felschow, a well-respected figure in the industry, whose leadership has been spotlighted in the "CEO's You Should Know" series. The company's compelling portfolio has been showcased in various issues of the prestigious Luxury Pools magazine and the ClearWater Tech Brochure, indicating a record of excellence and industry recognition. Beyond being a pool builder, the firm also offers services in the construction of hardscapes, outdoor kitchens, and koi ponds.

With over 43 years of industry experience, the team at Crystal Pools is composed of talented and highly-trained technicians ready to meet various pool servicing, spa, and pool equipment requirements. Their expansive expertise covers not only the construction phase but flows into valuable post-construction services. One of the key strengths of Crystal Pools is its fully-stocked warehouse. This feature ensures the availability of necessary tools and materials at all times, which in turn backs up their commitment to providing fast, professional service. The company also offers home improvement financing in partnership with HFS Financial.

Crystal Pools is a company to look out for because of its uncompromising commitment to quality, vast experience, and dedication to customer satisfaction. The firm's successful endeavors have earned it recognition in the realm of luxury pools, reinforcing its credibility in the industry. Despite its achievements, Crystal Pools remains constantly attentive to customers' needs, reflected through its home improvement financing arrangement. This facilitates a smoother path towards realizing clients' dream designs. In addition, the company's advocacy for an adopted dog, Nemo, reflects a business that values community and cares for the welfare of all beings, hinting at a culture that moves beyond pursuing profit. Crystal Pools packs value, empathy, and high-caliber services into its operations, making it a vibrant, comprehensive choice for all pool-related needs.

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The Columbia, South Carolina