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E-z PoolsPro & Services inc.

E-z PoolsPro & Services inc.

E-z PoolsPro & Services Inc. is a professionally certified and insured company, specializing in comprehensive pool maintenance and offering dedicated solutions for your pool requirements. Located in the heart of Orlando, Florida, it endeavors to ensure that their customers enjoy the comfort and luxury of a perfectly maintained swimming pool, making pool ownership a stress-free experience.

Founded in 2023, E-z PoolsPro & Services Inc. provides an array of services, including weekly pool service delivered by a qualified technician. The service entails a water test weekly, balancing chemicals as needed, net cleaning debris from the surface, brushing steps and walls, pool base vacuuming, backwashing when required, emptying skimmer and pump baskets, and equipment monitoring. Additionally, they offer filter cleaning and salt cell cleaning services. In a bid to ensure customers are kept in the loop about their pool’s health and quality, the company sends a weekly digital report about your pool via email. Also, they offer a variety of pool and spa products for purchase, including test strips and filters, among other essential pool accessories.

E-z PoolsPro & Services Inc. goes above and beyond simple pool maintenance. They display a commitment to providing an enjoyable and worry-free pool experience to families, which is visible in their motto "We take care of families to enjoy". They are trusted by customers to clean and maintain their pool on a weekly basis, offering a level of quality and reliability that promotes continuity and customer loyalty. With certified pool operators and a pool-specific general liability insurance, they've created a strong foundation of trust, making E-z PoolsPro & Services a company of interest for anybody looking for outstanding pool services.

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