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Ernest Pools

Ernest Pools

Ernest Pools, otherwise known as North Bay Village Neighborhood Pool Cleaners, is a family-owned company specializing in pool maintenance services. Located in North Bay Village, Florida, the business serves the residents within its community with a primary goal of ensuring hygienic and sparkling clean pools for all customers. With a broad experience in swimming pool management, spanning several decades, Ernest Pools stands distinguished in its commitment to providing professional and comprehensive swimming pool services, meeting the highest of standards.

Ernest Pools offers a variety of bespoke services to fit the specific needs of each customer. From comprehensive pool maintenance to regular cleaning, the company is equipped with the latest and top-quality pool products, equipment, supplies, and parts. Ernest Pools follows a meticulous 23-point maintenance system, ensuring each aspect of pool care and equipment check is adequately covered. This includes checks for water hardness, pH factors, chlorine management, total dissolved solids, and alkalinity, amongst others. Furthermore, the company also provides essential pool equipment checks and regular pool maintenance routines, which includes operation checks, basket emptying, valve monitoring, and more.

What sets Ernest Pools apart and makes it an essential service to pool owners in North Bay Village is the earnest promise of satisfying its clients through high-quality services. Being a local company, Ernest Pools understands the value of a swimming pool to a house owner; they strive to protect this investment and ensure that all pools under their care are clean, clear, and healthy. Besides, the company's pool cleaning schedules come with an industry-leading guarantee, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your pool is kept clean at all times. In a thriving community like North Bay Village, Ernest Pools is the backbone that eases the burden of pool maintenance off the homeowners, hence worth your consideration.

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