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Jomo Pool Service

Jomo Pool Service

Jomo Pool Service is a reputable pool cleaning and equipment repair provider based in Jacksonville, Florida. Serving both homeowners and commercial in-ground pool owners, Jomo Pool Service caters to a wide surrounding area covering Fleming Island, Amelia Island and Ponte Vedra, among others. As a company, Jomo Pool Service understands that owning a pool is a significant investment. To help pool owners preserve and enjoy this asset, the company provides professional, tailor-made pool cleaning services.

With a team of fully licensed and extensively trained experts, Jomo Pool Service distinguishes itself from competitors. Through their unrivaled technology, ranging from advanced pool cleaning equipment to implementing the Langelier Saturation Index for water testing, the company ensures optimal quality in cleaning and maintaining in-ground pools. They offer a variety of service programs, including AquaJOMO, SparklingJOMO, SparklingJOMO Plus, and deluxe packages featuring state-of-the-art robotic pool cleaners. Each program is designed to cater to unique pool needs, ensuring every pool remains clean and safe for enjoyment.

Choosing Jomo Pool Service for your pool maintenance needs is a decision that brings significant advantages. Apart from the exceptional service quality they provide, one of the primary benefits of partnering with this company is peace of mind. Knowing your pool is managed by a team of professionals and kept at top performance condition gives you the freedom to simply enjoy your pool without the worry of upkeep or equipment malfunction. The company prides itself on providing resort-quality water and service. It strives to deliver the best value to their customers, ensuring their satisfaction with unparalleled care and dedication.

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