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Low Buck Pools

Low Buck Pools

Low Buck Pools is a leading pool specialist located in the Bay Area. Known for its expertise in pool cleaning and maintenance, they provide a range of services that include new pool start-ups, weekly and monthly maintenance, and commercial start-ups and cleanings. Trusted by its loyal customer base and lauded for its dedicated service, Low Buck Pools has positioned itself as a reliable and efficient provider in the pool cleaning industry.

The company was founded by George, a passionate pool enthusiast who began his career as a Service Technician for a high-end custom pool company. After moving to the Bay Area in 2010, George's passion and knowledge in pool chemistry led him to establish Low Buck Pools with the mission of offering superior pool care services without the burden of binding contracts. The company's modus operandi revolves around transparency, affordability, and personalized service, aiming to cater to the unique needs of each pool owner. Using only the highest quality chemicals for treatment, the company ensures the safety and well-being of your pool, and by extension, your family.

The reason to be interested in Low Buck Pools lies in its firm commitment to quality, convenience, and customer satisfaction. Their expert team, made up of certified professionals, understands the intricacies of pool chemistry, equipment, and maintenance. Hence, they can ensure your pool is not just clean but also maintained to function flawlessly at all times - affording you the luxury of enjoying your pool without any worry. With features like easy appointment scheduling and regular weekly or monthly maintenance services, Low Buck Pools is the perfect partner in ensuring a pristine and inviting swimming experience.

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The San Jose, California