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North East Florida Pool Service

North East Florida Pool Service

North East Florida Pool Service (NEFPS) is a leading provider of pool-related services, renowned for its exceptional customer service and dedication to maintaining the highest service standards in the pool industry. Founded in 1987, NEFPS has been proudly serving the North Florida families for over 30 years, ensuring their pools are kept clean, safe and functional year-round. The company caters to both residential and commercial pool owners, providing an array of services which include weekly pool cleaning, swimming pool maintenance, green pool recovery, and equipment repairs.

Steeped in tradition yet committed to innovation, NEFPS has stayed true to its mission of delivering comprehensive and professional pool services by continually striving to meet the high standards it has set for itself. The company's team of highly trained professionals provides consistent weekly pool services which prove vital in keeping swimming pools clean and running smoothly. Their commitment to outstanding customer service is reflected in their prompt and effective response to pool-related concerns and their capacity to provide expert leak detection and repair services. Their offices operate from Monday to Friday, promising quick resolution to any pool issues.

There are many reasons why investing in the services of NEFPS is beneficial. Not only does the company bring a wealth of experience backed by countless positive customer reviews, but also guarantees peace of mind to pool owners by taking care of their pool’s health and functionality. Therefore, whether you are a homeowner wanting to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of your pool, or a commercial establishment in need of regular pool maintenance and repair, North East Florida Pool Service provides expertise, reliability, and superior customer service, making it an ideal choice in the Jacksonville and Saint Johns area.

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