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Ocean Pacific Pool Service is a professional swimming pool maintenance and repair company servicing various areas of California. Recognized by some of the top pool and spa associations across America, the company promises exceptional service, offering both equipment upgrades and routine weekly maintenance. As a driving force in the local industry, the company is dedicated to keeping pools in peak condition and providing essential services for pool amenities.

Primarily, the company's service offerings include a range of repairs and installations, from lighting maintenance and heater repair to equipment upgrades like chemical automation. Ocean Pacific Pool Service always considers customer convenience, providing an array of services such as motor installation, filter repair, and pump installation, among others. Moreover, the company also focuses on enhancing the swimming pool's health and cleanliness by performing chemical analysis, balancing the water chemical levels, and performing regular cleaning tasks like skimming and vacuuming the pool. They even provide visual inspection for pool equipment. Furthermore, the company is a reliable resource in leak detection and offers tile cleaning services, Deck O seal - Mastic services around the pool area, and repairs and installations for salt systems and chlorine generators.

The reasons to consider Ocean Pacific Pool Service are manifold. Firstly, the company is customer centric, offering free estimates and fair prices. Swimmers and pool owners in Buena Park, Bellflower, Long Beach, Lakewood, Fair Park, and Cypress, California, can rest assured knowing they're in capable hands. But what sets Ocean Pacific Pool Service truly apart is their certification. Proud members of the California Pool and Spa Association, American Spa and Pool Pros, and the National Swimming Pool Foundation, they showcase an uncompromising commitment to quality and reliability. Whether you need routine maintenance, a pool inspection, or a complete equipment overhaul, Ocean Pacific Pool Service is your go-to solution for a crystal clear, sparkling pool.

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