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Pink Dolphin Pool Care

Pink Dolphin Pool Care

Pink Dolphin Pool Care, based in Glendale, AZ, is a full-service pool company offering a comprehensive range of swimming pool services and repairs. Serving clients across the Northwest Valley of Phoenix, and areas such as Peoria and Sun City, Pink Dolphin Pool Care is renowned as a dependable and cost-effective family-owned operation. The scope of services they provide encompasses a wide variety of pool-related needs, from pool cleaning to equipment installation and repair.

Detailed and meticulous in their approach to pool service, Pink Dolphin Pool Care specializes in everything from pool handrail installation, pool heater and pump installations, to the repair and installation of salt systems. Their commitment to quality is echoed in their range of cleaning services that maintain the hygiene and aesthetics of the pools they service. These include pool pump repairs, water leveler repair, pool filter repair and cleaning, to fixing clogged pool filters and pool lights repair. Moreover, they are also adept at installing sophisticated pool systems like Automated Control Systems and Pop-Up In-Floor Systems. All of their services are provided with utmost professionalism, using certified products like their ENERGY STAR® certified variable speed pool pump.

In summary, Pink Dolphin Pool Care is the go-to for all pool-related needs. Whether it's regular maintenance or emergency repairs, their services guarantee utmost client satisfaction. What sets them apart is their dedication to superior customer service complemented by their affordability. Licensed and highly experienced, Pink Dolphin Pool Care is the trusted choice for comprehensive pool maintenance and repair services. Their well-respected reputation in and around Northwest Valley allows them to successfully meet the demands of their clientele, ensuring reliable pool maintenance is never more than a call away.

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