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Plaza Aquatica Pool Service

Plaza Aquatica Pool Service

Established in Orlando, FL, Plaza Aquatica Pool Services is a leading pool service provider with over a decade of experience in the industry. This state-licensed, fully insured, and bonded company aims to deliver high-quality services to both commercial and residential properties, offering swimming pool and spa solutions. The company prioritizes safety and customer satisfaction above all else, focusing closely on providing the best swimming experience through getting the job done right the first time.

Plaza Aquatica Pool Services excels in its wide and flexible array of service offerings. They have developed a model for subscription-based services that take care of all the chemical requirements and cleaning needs of a pool on a regular basis. Beyond just pool maintenance, Plaza Aquatica also offers in-depth cleaning services, including power-washing and draining. The company has garnered positive customer reviews, building a reputation of trust and top-quality service. They are highly recognized for their timely responses, effective problem-solving skills, and excellent customer service standards.

A relationship with Plaza Aquatica Pool Services offers guaranteed peace of mind. Their clear commitment to prioritizing client satisfaction, combined with their extensive industry knowledge, makes them a reliable choice for any pool and spa needs. Their services assure a crystal-clear and beautifully maintained pool, so customers can focus on enjoying their swimming and relaxation time, rather than worrying about pool maintenance. Plaza Aquatica Pool Services boasts transparency in their work along with affordable pricing, making them the go-to resource for pool services in the Orlando, FL area.

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