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Prime Pool Service

Prime Pool Service

Prime Pool Service is a professional, full-service pool cleaning, repair, and maintenance company based in Austin, Texas. It provides a range of services to both residential and commercial clients in the Austin Metroplex and surrounding areas. Established to offer uncompromising quality supported by top-notch customer service, Prime Pool Service is known for its professionalism and industry-leading level of service. In addition to cleaning, maintenance, and repair tasks, the firm is also considered a specialist in warranty and upgrade services.

The company's services cover every aspect of pool care, from regular residential cleaning and maintenance to complex commercial requirements demanding high-volume traffic readiness and health code compliance. Each employee at Prime Pool Service possesses the prestigious "Certified Pool Operator" (CPO) designation, ensuring the highest quality pool service for its clientele. The company's services are not limited to cleaning and maintenance, with a dedicated team of factory-trained repair specialists available to investigate and resolve any issues that may arise. Furthermore, Prime Pool Service prides itself on proactive communication and provides a full suite of checks and maintenance tasks alongside commercial-grade pool chemicals and materials.

Prime Pool Service is the kind of company you'd want to trust with your pool—as attested by its consistently high user ratings and positive customer feedback. Pool ownership is a substantial investment, and going the extra mile by partnering with a reliable and professional pool service provider is a step towards protecting both that investment and the health and safety of pool users. Prime Pool Service’s expertise and commitment to quality service are convincingly illustrated by their impressive track record and customer satisfaction levels. If you are looking for a trustworthy and committed partner for your pool care, Prime Pool Service is a fantastic option with a reputation for delivering an exceptional standard of service.

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