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ProTouch Pool Services

ProTouch Pool Services

ProTouch Pool Services is a leading company based in San Diego, specializing in professional pool services, pool equipment repair, and equipment installation. Known as the 'last pool service company you'll ever need,' ProTouch offers comprehensive solutions for your pool and hot tub needs. They consistently deliver first-class weekly pool maintenance, ensuring that all pools, regardless of size, are clean and safe for enjoyment every week. The services they offer include filter cleaning, pool draining, pool inspection, spa and hot tub cleaning, and even training on the proper way to care for your water.

The company boasts a well-deserved reputation for offering top-tier pool repair and equiment installation services. ProTouch's team of experts is adept at diagnosing and handling all types of pool-related issues ranging from heater and pump repair, filter repair, automation repair, pool light repair to salt water pool repair. In addition to repairs, they are equally proficient in pool equipment installation. Whether your pool needs a new heater, an efficient pool pump, a replacement filter, or pool automation, ProTouch has you covered. Also, ProTouch uniquely caters to both residential and commercial swimming pools and can resolve any pool leaks that may result in expensive water bills or damage to surrounding decking and landscaping areas.

ProTouch Pool Services is undoubtedly a company to be interested in. They offer a broad spectrum of services that guarantees to suit all your pool needs. Apart from commercial and residential pool services, they also carry out spa and hot tub repairs, along with commercial pool equipment repairs for all types of facilities, including hotels, apartments, HOAs, and fitness centers. Moreover, with extensive expertise in pool leak detection and repair, the company provides essential services that safeguard your investment while ensuring maximum enjoyment of your pool or spa. Their top-notch services are available across various counties, ensuring wide accessibility for potential customers. Therefore, if you're looking for cost-effective, high-quality, and reliable pool services, ProTouch Pool Services is the perfect choice!

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