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Royal Pools of Santa Clara

Royal Pools of Santa Clara

Royal Pools of Santa Clara is a prominent swimming pool builder, with a long-standing track record of excellence dating back to its foundation in 1969 by Graham Shepherd. The company operates primarily in the Greater Bay Area and has been fulfilling customer's dreams of owning a lively aquatic sanctuary in their homes for more than 52 years. Royal Pools of Santa Clara doesn't simply build swimming pools; it creates aquatic havens that offer everlasting enjoyment for families, an endeavor that explains why they are known as the “Royal Pools Difference”.

In over five decades of operation, Royal Pools of Santa Clara has established an irrefutable reputation of being experts in swimming pool construction, maintaining a steadfast standard of excellence from its San Jose center. In 2012, the company traversed a significant milestone when it was acquired by Adams Pool Solutions. The latter is led by Tony Adams, whose extensive resources and profound industry knowledge have further consolidated Royal Pools of Santa Clara’s stance as a premier swimming pool contractor in California. The company's commitment to build luxurious, innovative swimming pools uniquely tailored to their clients' vision reinforces their status as a distinguished industry leader.

The charm of Royal Pools of Santa Clara is in their approach - they don't merely build swimming pools, they inspire dreams and bring them to life. With a rich and growing portfolio, and robust customer testimonials, the company pioneers new levels of excellence in swimming pool construction. Their hands-on and personalized approach in every project, ensures that their customers always feel a part of the journey. If you dream of owning a remarkable aquatic getaway within the confines of your home, Royal Pools of Santa Clara is your destination. The company’s ability to marry customer satisfaction with industry-leading standards is what truly makes them a 'Royal' choice for all your swimming pool needs.

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