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Swim Chem

Swim Chem

Swim Chem is a professional pool maintenance and service company based in Northern California. Founded in 1970, the Company has developed a reputation for being the trusted resource for maintaining swimming pools and spas in optimum and sparking conditions. Serving various counties including El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, and Solano, the company is valued for its ability to deliver outstanding pool service without demand for expansive knowledge of water chemistry methods and standards from its clients. Through a range of services that extend from pool cleaning to equipment repair and energy-efficient solutions, Swim Chem showcases its versatility and commitment to leading industry standards.

Holistically, Swim Chem provides services categorized into full pool service, basket service, and pool chemical service. Full pool service encompasses everything necessary for maintaining a sparkling and inviting pool, starting from as low as $72 a month. This aims to control algae and bacteria, while also ensuring a balanced water chemistry. Apart from cleaning, the company specializes in pool equipment inspection, repairs, and tune-ups, ensuring all components are in top condition. Emphasizing on its commitment to eco-friendly practices, Swim Chem uses Pentair Pool Equipment, whose Energy Star® rated products offer money-saving efficiency. Spread across the organization are teams of highly trained and extensively experienced service technicians ensuring timely and stringent service delivery consistent with the company’s standards.

With over 50 years of operational experience, the reliability and high standard of services offered by Swim Chem have contributed to its strong reputation and growth. One of its key strengths is the company's dedicated and experienced staff that arrive on schedule, in adherence to strict service timeframes, ensuring no pool is overlooked. Furthermore, the company is a factory authorized dealer and warranty station for Pentair Pool Products and Sta-Rite Pool Products. Clients have applauded Swim Chem for its dependable and professional service, with numerous testimonials confirming their proficiency. The company's commitment towards maintaining a safe and healthy swimming environment for families and friends, alongside its uncompromising approach towards superior service delivery, makes Swim Chem an industry leader worth looking into for all pool and spa maintenance needs.

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