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Village Spa & Pools

Village Spa & Pools

Village Spa & Pools, based in Miami, is a company that specializes in the maintenance, repair, and enhancement of swimming pools. Established in 1982, the company has significantly made its mark as a leading provider of high-quality pool services in the area. The organization's offerings span multiple areas such as residential and commercial pool services, local delivery, leak detection, and equipment installation & repairs. They are acknowledged experts in the pool industry carrying out various operations including renovations and pool resurfacing, saltwater pool conversions, automatic cleaner repairs, and pressure cleaning.

Over the years, Village Spa & Pools have proven to be dedicated, diligent, and meticulous in providing customers with the best maintenance and repairing service. Their wide range of products and services are complemented by a team of licensed and insured pool technicians, who possess over 60 years of combined experience. Each technician is detail-oriented, acknowledging the different needs of each pool, and advising customers informedly. The company also provides home delivery for pool chemicals and supplies and offers expert pool equipment installation and repairs. They’re your go-to experts for any pool project, offering work with single speed and variable pool pumps, motors, filters, heat pumps and heaters, salt chlorine generators, LED lighting, automation, and water features. Additionally, they excel in pool resurfacing and renovations aiming to create a relaxing and enjoyable backyard for clients.

Considering their expansive experience in the industry, Village Spa & Pools is the quintessential choice for any pool-related needs. They make keeping swimming pools in pristine condition not just a possibility, but a guarantee. By offering a vast range of services, from routine maintenance to complex renovation tasks, and being readily available to handle any issues, they present an unparalleled offer. The company's commitment to quality service, customer satisfaction, and comprehensive pool care solutions makes them a preferred provider in the sector. Therefore, their professionalism and reliability set them apart, making Village Spa & Pools the ideal pool service provider to trust with the care and enhancement of your swimming pool.

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